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Why should you hire a professional wedding planner

Planning a wedding is a huge amount of work and requires an enormous amount of time as well, specially when your planning it abroad and there are countless decisions to make.

So first off, let me tell you that the vast majority of our clients are super organized, highly motivated professionals who would and could plan their own weddings if they had the time and inclination to travel to and from Portugal 10 times to make sure all the details were locked down to their satisfaction. But because they are busy professionals who don’t have that kind of time, and also the knowledge of how things work in Portugal, they hire Dream Day Wedding Planners to do the planning.

One of our Brides once told us in a very funny way “I don’t want to be a Bridezilla, so I hired you to do it for me.” 🙂

The wedding consultant guides you through the planning process and the wedding day itself, assisting in whatever capacity you need. The planner will also connect you to the appropriate vendors, advise you on proper etiquette, and suggest ways to use your budget wisely. Besides keeping your schedule on track, a planner will also create a wedding-day timeline and make sure that it gets carried out down to the smallest detail.

A good planning is crucial to have a perfect wedding day, but also the Planner has a very important role in orchestrating the wedding day itself. Besides coordinating the vendors, we might do everything from gathering your wedding party for pictures to making sure all the seating cards are in place to calming nerves. We’ll check that the flowers and food are exactly what you ordered and manage the evening from cocktails to cake. With a person to take care of the logistics, you’re free to focus solely on enjoying yourself.

This are just a few reasons that we think you shall hire a wedding planner for your wedding in Portugal!

If you have any questions about getting married in Portugal we’ll be more than happy to help.



By: Ines Longueiro / Senior Wedding Planner

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